Industria de alimentos

Food Industry

The lime is used in the refining of sugar, since it allows to eliminate impurities and facilitates the formation of crystals of high whiteness and purity. Lime is used to refine citric acid in the form of calcium citrate, said acid is used on a large scale in the food and beverage industry, a large amount of processed foods contain citric acid, it is also used in organic synthesis to form derivatives of citrates.

In the dairy industry lime is used to neutralize the acids that are formed in the different processes from the storage of milk to its later use in the manufacture of cheeses, yogurts, concentrated milk, whey and milk powder among others .

Lime is also used in corn processing industries for either human or animal consumption.

“The application of lime is diverse, the above is just an example of some industries in which its use helps in improving the different processes while achieving quality standards due to its composition and functionality.”