Agroindustria Abonos



The lime allows a rapid assimilation of Calcium, acts as a modifier of soil conditions to improve the development of plants.

The lime is used to neutralize the silica, alumina present in the soils that are causing not to allow the development of the roots limiting the capacity and feeding and support of the plants.

Improves the means for the survival of microorganisms, improves the use of plants of organic and chemical fertilizers and accelerates the decomposition of organic matter to be incorporated into the soil.

The lime acts as a preservative of the skin before the use, the calcium is ionically bound to the carboxilos of the skin, dissolves in the capillaries, is deposited in the fibers and returns the initial wet state to those skins that were preserved before of being taken to the tannery; It also allows the cleaning and disinfection of these before beginning the process of elimination of the epidermis of the skin in addition to the hair that covers it.

In the shrimp and fish farming companies, lime is used in planting, drying and disinfection of pools, it provides calcium as a nutrient for the microfauna and flora of the pools that will serve as food for fish and shrimp.

It controls the acidity produced by the decomposition of the organic matter produced by the concentrates used for the feeding of the animals.