About us


CALES DE COLOMBIA S.A. is a company dedicated to the exploration, exploitation, processing and commercialization of calcareous products such as calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, calcium carbonate and agricultural lime of excellent quality, for the food industry, chemical, petrochemical, agricultural, aqueduct, industrial , mining and construction. Committed to the development and research of new products. It has human talent that gathers the necessary competences for the fulfillment of the requirements of the product and the client, increased productivity and the reduction and prevention of pollution to the environment.


CALES DE COLOMBIA S.A. will be one of the best options for our customers in the acquisition of calcareous products of excellent quality, obtained through exploitation, processing and commercialization with sustainable productive processes of positive impact in the community that ensure the continuous improvement of the organization and its processes.


  • For the exploitation, processing and marketing of products of calcareous origin, it undertakes to:
  • Maintain the satisfaction of its customers, complying with the requirements related to the products.
  • Prevent and control the impacts to the environment generated by its processes.
  • Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Improve the skills, safety and working conditions of the staff.
  • Contribute effectively to the development of neighboring communities in infrastructure and employment generation.
  • Ensuring an organizational culture in accordance with the values ​​of the organization, aimed at the continuous improvement of its processes, products and services.


RESPONSIBILITY: We execute the entrusted activities applying the relevant knowledge, focused concentration and timely performance.

HONESTY: We behave and express ourselves with coherence and sincerity in accordance with the values ​​of truth and justice. We respect the truth in relation to the facts with other people and with ourselves.

HUMAN QUALITY: We characterize ourselves for having values, habits and mental attitudes that make us human beings with conviction, integrity, ethics, competence, desire to excel, and responsible with ourselves and with others.

COMMITMENT: We dedicate all our capacity and enthusiasm to fulfill what has been entrusted to us, we seek the well-being and progress of both our company and customers, suppliers and community.

RESPECT: We are a human group that with our attitude and performance we show respect for the environment, the ideas of others, the commitments made, the resources for work, health, legislation, rights, dignity of people and the fulfillment of our duties.


(Español) Responsabilidad:


Ejecutamos las actividades encomendadas aplicando el conocimiento pertinente, la concentración enfocada y el desempeño oportuno.

(Español) Honestidad:

(Español) Nos comportamos y expresamos con coherencia y sinceridad de acuerdo con los valores de verdad y justicia. Respetamos la verdad en relación con los hechos con las demás personas y con nosotros mismo.

(Español) Calidad humana:

(Español) Nos caracterizamos por tener valores, hábitos y actitudes mentales que nos hacen seres humanos con convicción, íntegros, éticos, competentes, con deseos de superación y responsables con nosotros mismos y con los demás.

(Español) Compromiso:

(Español) En CALES DE COLOMBIA S.A. dedicamos toda nuestra capacidad y entusiasmo para cumplir aquello que se nos ha confiado, procuramos el bienestar y el progreso tanto de nuestra empresa como de clientes, proveedores y comunidad.

(Español) Respeto:

(Español) Somos un grupo humano que con nuestra actitud y desempeño mostramos respeto por el medio ambiente, las ideas de los demás, los compromisos adquiridos, los recursos para el trabajo, la salud, la legislación, los derechos, la dignidad de las personas y el cumplimiento de nuestros deberes.